Freesia Friday: Finishing Volume one


Chat 3: This chapter introduces Mizoguchi. He’s not a nice guy. The third member of the team is Yamada; who wants to be “the hero of the modern age.”  It’s pretty great to see the different ways they approach their work. At the same time, it’s clear that they are all crazy.


The way Yamada spazzes out in that classic anime ‘comedic reaction’ is something I forgot about.  Reactions like that don’t appear later in the manga.


Mizoguchi can resolve conflicts without violence.

Chat 4: This chapter covers the whole enforcement act. It’s interesting to see how Mizoguchi is so protective of his own well being; from buying off the body guards to calling off the enforcement when he got stabbed. Fear of being harmed does make sense for a sadist like him.


I like how Kano is clearly using Yamada as a human shield.


Chat 5: Yamada rear ends a “Moving Miita” truck pretty hard, but the driver does not mind and even gives them ride. Moving Miita comes into play again in about 50 chapters.


Kano says he’s just a docile herbivore, and that killing contradicts his nature. Seeing the dead bodies of his victims also suggests guilt.  This supports the idea that he is just a guy trying to live a normal life. Sure, he has a damaged mind but he’s got no blood lust. Killing is a job- like delivering pizzas but it takes a toll on his mind.  It’s still a mystery what the source of his power and mental disturbance is. Regardless, forces are arranging for him to be in positions where he can kill. In these situations where murder is justifiable, he never hesitates.

Chat 6: Every time Kano rides in a car it seems to end in an accident. Don’t know if it means anything.  This volume ends with a flashback. It seems that Kano has the same indifferent persona even before he joined the military. Either he’s got some repressed memories or he is that indifferent.  Either way, it’s exiting and fascinating to watch as he works to be a typical zebra while inadvertently being the best hunter Japan has ever seen.  His character is so hard to figure out-that’s why I love him. Well, the whole cast is realistically mysterious, but Kano is the most conflicted.


One example of Jiro Matsumoto’s humor.

I hope you’re reading Freesia by now, but if not I’ll return in a week or two…


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