FMA Brotherhood 3,4,5: Getting Better and Better

rose gunRose is white and points guns a lot more this time. I can dig it.

Episode 3

fma 3

What’s happening: Ed and Al confront a priest in Lior who is breaking the rules of Alchemy.

This episode just feels dumb. It’s not because of all the super deformed scenes.  The script is a mess of lines that does not flow well and delivery is akin to slapping the viewer in the face with a large trout.

To illustrate my frustration, I feel I need to admit something: I once watched an episode of Teletubbies… don’t ask why.  The thing about the show is that it’s basically a 5 minutes of clips that loops over and over. It’s the best example of a show this disjointed and repetitive.  They just repeat the same things that have been well covered thus far such as:

Ed is a state alchemist.

Al does not have a body.

Ed flew too close to god.

There are limits in Alchemy.

The priest’s ring is breaking those rules.

They want to get their bodies back.

Then during their confrontation with the priest, the dialog is choppy and does not flow well or follow logically.  The final fight is short and not too impressive.

The priest is a cliché fool.  This episode plays out more like an old cartoon rather than FMA.  On the plus side, the art is sharp and the lighting is good. There are nice camera angles and I enjoyed the bit of split screen they used. My recommendation: Watch the last few minutes only. That means from the 20.00 time marker onward. The epic music is particularly noteworthy in this scene and it never breaks into SD Ed and Al.  You even get a first glimpse of the homonculi.

3/5 overall but the last few minutes are top notch.

Episode 4

fms 4

What’s happening: Ed and Al go to learn from Shou Tucker’s library. He has been having trouble with his efforts to make a chimera that understands language.   He sucseeds through a last ditch effort. Scar makes his appearence.

Great! This one starts off with a 30 second summary of the events of the last episode. It includes the best part of the action too. So my recommendation to avoid most of episode 3 stands.

The first half of this episode plays out nicely aside from the way a few characthers pop in and talk in an expository fashion. Then, in the scene of the final visit of the Elric brothers things are handled nicely. The soundtrack is absolutely top tier-very cinematic.That particular song would fit in well in a Chan-wook Park film. It does not get better than that. It’s great all the way to the end 5/5

Episode 5

fma 5

What’s happening: Lust and Envy have incited a riot in Lior. Scar attacks Ed and faces off with Armstrong. There is a short flashback to the Ishbal Massacure.

snap-417977Rule 63 on Ed….or would that just be Winry?

BONES brings some serious action for Scar’s attack on Ed and the fight that follows.  The animation through the episode is amazing. BGM is again supreme. The script is solid and the art is sharp. The fight with Scar really shows: These state alchemists are all crazy. I’m glad Huges popped in and commened on that.

A knock-out episode all round. S/5


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