Eden of the East 3 and 4: Movies and Murder

eden wow
Episode 3

edev 3

What’s happening: Akira and Saki visit the mall that he bought before his memories were erased. There, while she watches a movie, the detective mugs Akira for his special phone. He later finds that he cannot use it and ends up returning it.

The dichotomy of  Akira in the past and present is very interesting. He had a room that looked directly on ground zero. I can picture the old Akira overlooking the fireworks with glee, but at the moment he’s just nonchalantly lounging on his couch.  Oh yeah, and he apparently tried to blow up 20,000 NEETS. I look forward to seeing the old Akira in action.

A solid episode that is supersaturated with romance and moe as some would have you believe. 4/5

fixitI hope this blushing shit is fixed for the DVDs.

Episode 4

eden 4

What’s happening: Akira visits a doctor who is also part of the game in order to learn about his past and the game.

It’s still looking and sounding great. There is impressive use of both music and silence. Also, you can really notice the brushstroke shading in this episode. It works well and gives the visuals a unique feel in addition to their looking impeccable.

snap-10734004Shit just got surreal.

This episode delivered on several fronts. You have: unrequited love, information about the game, the requisite movie references, and aliens at ground zero!  I’m wondering when Akira will stop being so naive.  Not to say letting himself get mugged in episode 3 and get knocked out in episode 4 didn’t work out for him, but still…..

The most informative episode yet. Direction and production values are still intact, and it even held back on some of the ‘comedic’ reactions. 5/5


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