Queen’s Blade 4 and 5: Pyramids, snakes, swords and….Boobs


Episode 4

What’s happening: Claudette hunts down Leina and fights her in a Queen’s Blade duel. There are flashbacks to when they were growing up together. queens-blade-4 It gets quite trying to watch. While the scrip and the visuals scrape the bottom of the barrel, the sound effects, voice acting and BGM are strong and help along the scenes that generally fall flat. The soundtrack is still indistinct and ill-matched to what’s happening on screen. It’s like a half rate shonen show without any real fights, but with extra ill logic thrown in. It would actually be to your benefit to not understand what they are saying. If you feel like watching it: Turn off the subtitles.

snap-10564527 There are quite a few facial close ups in this episode.

Leina’s father, the count, is by far the lamest ruler I’ve ever seen. There is nothing interesting or commanding about him. Why did they even show his face? For the credits they used an instrumental song and footage of the black and white flashbacks they used during the episode. This attempt at sentimentality almost made me laugh. She’s not really dead, and if she is its even funnier she died in such a weak scene. I will say it’s a nice song. Another disposable episode of Boob’s Blade. 2/5 Episode 5 qb5 What’s happening: The Egyptian princess Menace makes Leina into her demonic slave. The Japanese girls arrive and interfere with her activities. Queen’s Blade continues to be an anime that you cannot get into or get off on.  It does, however, throw in bits of oddity and illogic that can be slightly amusing. This includes cuts to Risty and Snake girl that don’t amount to anything. The conflicts center on girls randomly bumping into each other and playing around. There’s no action or fan service pay off from these encounters. Sure, the outfits are skimpy and you get a few nipple slips, but there’s just not that same edge of choking, random shibari and yuri mud wrestling. Punches are still pulled all around. Possessed rope bondage and sensual oil massages only last a few seconds. Come on! It’s supposed to be an over the top fanservice show. I don’t think it needs to be stimulating, but such antics would make it far more entertaining. The very brief cameos of Melona and of Leina’s sister were the highlights this time. So, once again viewers are left wanting. There is deficient animation, uncharismatic characters, no action, no fights, and no good reason to watch this one. 2/5 I’m not dropping this show just yet…must keep sifting through….find those little nuggets of fool’s gold….


5 Responses

  1. its so sexy wrestling!

  2. gede gede yah coba kalo beneraqn pasti wowwwwwwww

  3. hi

  4. j’aime “queen blade” trés fort

  5. poster moi des épisodes please

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