K-ON! – Episode 5


I hate you, KyoAni. I hate you.


Mio has been cloned. And aged.


In the K-ON! group’s attempt to find a mentor (after realizing that Ritsu didn’t submit the proper paperwork to the student council), they discovered that one of their kind-hearted, loving teachers was a former member of the light music club. Yes, from the same group that made death metal on that tape.


Anyways, long story short… The group is now official. Yui has someone to teach her the guitar. Tsumugi has an idol.


2 Responses

  1. Marry me, Mio.

    (Forget about the hordes who’ve already claimed her as their waifu – I’ll forge their signatures on annulment papers or have Juiz mow them down like dogs.)

    That aside, this episode pushes K-ON! to the top of my spring viewing queue. Eden of the East can still overtake it, but I haven’t seen enough of it at this point to make the call.

  2. K-ON! is more for easy watching than for true enjoyment. While it won’t make it as a top favorite, certainly something to cheer me up :)

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