Current Status?


This is exactly how I feel.

I’m a zombie right now. FFVIIKnight’s cause of death? Maid Mio moe~

Maid Mio?! WANT

A swimsuit is fine too.

Black Bikini~~~

But honestly? Due to the latest slew of university work, updates from me will be rare and random. I’ll try to post what taking 4-years of Computer Engineering curriculum results in… if I’m able to convince my team to upload videos publicly. It has been mercilessly devouring my life. However, there is a silver lining. Since we have to make a professional display in the halls, my ugly mug will be available for future engineers to stare at and envy. Some badge of honor I suppose.

Before I disappear back into the lab, I would like to highlight one particular show for being so MANLY and quirky.

Sengoku GUNDAM Basara







From Engrish “ARE YOU READY GUYS?” to lovey-dovey Katsuga to this? What could possibly go wrong? :)


3 Responses


  2. GANDAMU! /mind blown

    Man, I can’t wait until you’re finished with the semester… odd as it may be. Summertime!!! It’s just better when we know bloggers don’t have school XD

  3. @Kairu_Ishimaru
    YUKIMURA! /punch

    I’ve been longing for graduation day since… I entered the uni. Then again, there might be something nostalgic about 36 hours of no sleep and unlocking all the cars in Mario Kart instead of studying for my final… Ah yes.

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