“Shopping” eh?

Brief Summary Impressions Impulsing

I’ll be brief. I found the series equally impressive to the Natsu no Arashi anime; strong initial expectations only to be immensely disappointed by its lackluster work. Now, I have little interest at all. For what it’s worth, Number is about an assassin trying to avenge his family’s murder and become the best in his guild. To do that, 5th-ranked Toneriko must kill 1st-ranked Tekirai.


I anticipated something original but Number was entirely generic… except for this one character named Edelweiss.


Yes, this may be the only reason for me to follow Number. Seeing her fully for the first time elicits the following reaction from me…

I'm dying of blood loss

As if her new uniform isn’t enough, she evolves into a whole new level of awesomeness.


Weaponizing maids for the future!



2 Responses

  1. The title of the manga doesnt impress me at all. I thought this manga was some kind of a math lesson or whatever.

  2. Far more interesting than any math lecture, I can assure you. Just think of it as a kill counter… til Toneriko avenges his family’s deaths.

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