Freezing: Chapter 5-6



Finally! Freezing updates are unfrozen!

Brief Summary

Right before releasing Bridget Satellizer from detention, instructor Yumi Kim warned her not to get into any more fights. Furthermore, the former Number threatened the sophomore’s life should Kazuya Aoi be involved again.

Bridget’s troubles did not end there. Someone informed the junior class’s ace that a fellow classmate was defeated. Unwilling to let that tarnish their reputation, Ingrid Vernstein waited outside to issue a challenge. There would be 24 hours before their fight, a battle that will involve Limiters. Since Bridget doesn’t have one yet, she has only a day to find one… else she’ll fight at a huge disadvantage.

Kazuya heard about this and rushed to offer his assistance, not knowing about Yumi’s threat. However, when he got to her room, it was unlocked and no one responded to his knocks. Entering, he spotted her diary sitting on the bed. Though tempted to look into it, he resisted and turned away… only to see Bridget getting out of the bath.


Reiterating his question, Kazuya wanted to become her Limiter. However, with Yumi’s warning in mind, she feigned indignity and turned him away.

With Kazuya gone, that left only one option for an even fight… start before Ingrid gets her Limiter.

But as it turned out, that didn’t mean much.

Ingrid proceeded to overwhelm Bridget in both speed and power, making a point by shattering one of her blades.

Even use of Accel Turn (akin to moving rapidly) didn’t faze the senior, costing Bridget her other blade.

Ingrid showed her a true advanced skill, the Tempest Turn. It’s like Accel Turn but with copies of the user.

Utterly defeating her opponent, Ingrid was about to remove Bridget’s Stigmatas when the sophomore got a brief second wind. The remotest possibility of a turnaround disappeared when the junior’s Limiter arrived.

Taking advantage of the lull, Ingrid offered Bridget one more chance to find a Limiter. No one from the dorms volunteered.

However, watching from the sidelines, Kazuya stepped forward.


It’s been a while since the last translation and I almost forgot all about it… But it’s here and such an awesome release. It’s just as great as what I remembered. Plenty of action and some fanservice to boot! Yes, there was some nudity of Bridget when Kazuya entered her room. Yet, the best part of these two chapters was when she was cowering under the sheets. So cute! Ahhh~

Anyways, the battle between Ingrid and Bridget reminded me of Claymore for some reason. Maybe it’s because two female warriors are fighting it out. Typical speed boost and cloning skill ups for action manga. I’m waiting for some more diversity in battle moves… Maybe the Pandora suit will come into play.

Overall, delicious chapters and I hope the next release would come quicker.


3 Responses

  1. I second your thoughts. It has been some time since the last release that I’ve forgotten that the series exist. But again, I’m glad that it’s still running with nicely drawn action packed artwork. (:

  2. So much violence…

    The first picture makes you want to activate protection mode :P

  3. @Hynavian
    Me too! Probably have to keep rereading the entire series since the updates are so irregular.


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