WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! NIPPLES! snap-1778294This is the only good part of the episode.

snap-1781989And then it bites Leina’s breast.

What’s happening: Leina enters an oil wrestling match for money and ends up fighting another crazy bitch. Risty hits the road.


This is one more failure for Queen’s Blade. Seriously, they even had super deformed faces. They have inane, non-sequitur conversations about shopping for food.

The plot is flimsy.

The direction is shoddy.

The fanservice is pedestrian.

Animation is almost absent.

They do not show most of the fights.

The voice acting and music are still pleasing…everything else is shit.


Do yourself a favor: If you want more Queen’s Blade, just rewatch the first episode. You don’t need to hear Ayako Kawasumi yell and cry that badly do you? If you really do, just wait until someone puts a montage video of just that on youtube in about a month.

2 Responses

  1. heheheh fanny

  2. Hello Sherry and John!! I read your blog everyday and I love all your ideas and everything you have done with your house! My husband and I just recently bought a townhouse and in the master bedroom there are no blinds:( Right now we don’t have the money to go and buy nice plantation shutter like we want and I was thinking of using this idea that you have of roman shades and then curtains. I love roman shades and love the wood look of these. Can you please tell me where you bought them and if you think they are still available? Also when you put the wood shades down how much light do they block out in the living room? Our master has eastern exposure so on the weekends we would not like the light to shine in! Thanks so much!P.S. I might be contacting you both for a design dilema in the near future for my living room!

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