Fullmetal Alchemist: The day of the Beginning


What’s happening: On the train to Lior, Ed and Al recall the shaping events of their childhood. This includes how they got their bodies and how Ed joined the military.


Note: I’ve watched the first series and movie but I have not read the manga.

I’m all for remakes like this; even if they are for recent anime. I’m a sucker for better endings, sicker animation and more faithful adaptations. The episode sums up how Ed and Al came to be who they are. You see everything except their training and them burning their house. That was either not cannon, or it will be in another flashback. The scenes are the same as I recall for the most part. In fact, the scenes of Roy inviting Ed to be a dog of the military and Ed seeing the truth inside the gate are noticeably improved. This is mainly due to the editing of the two dialogs in two rooms. At the end of the episode, they are on a train approaching the location that should have been episode one if it where translating the manga directly. Not that a little mixing up hurts anything.

Naturally, the art style adheres to the manga and the animation has improved since 2003. There is not much action to show off the animation just yet. BONES are using much softer colors this time around. It’s looking good so far and it’s cool that Ed does not have SSJ YELLOW hair anymore. There is a bit more use of comedic deformation. It is not a good thing, but it’s not particularly distracting and I think they can keep it out of the serious moments in the show.

A few of the seiyuu have changed…I don’t feel particularly effected by this. OP by Yui is pleasing and the animation for it is, as expected, the best this season. It’s always a treat to watch the openings for FMA. The ending is meh-I really miss Nana Kitade.

This remake is looking sharp so far-can’t wait for it to progress. 5/5


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