Valkyria Chronicles 02


What’s happening: The imperial army rolls into town and the town watch defend the city like children. Wilkin and Alicia save the day in their special tank.

There was fighting, but there was no strategizing. I don’t count Alicia dreaming of being able to fly and drop grenades on the enemies’ heads. There was also the first murmuring of racism among the town folk. The art style is still holding out and there is not a distracting level of QUALITY.

What sucks this week? Fucking high speed tanks; that’s what. Tanks are always supposed to be slow and durable. They should take at least two shots to take down. I can only hope they will slow the damn tank down in the future, or have it stay at the main camp. The boys are still there. If I wanted to see two boys running around I’d be watching FMA. They should disappear starting next week.


The ending moments were pretty nice but it fails to have emotional impact. The hobbits are leaving the shire; who cares if a few of them died? I want to see the full cast in real battles. I’m bothered that Ayako took out the awesome ED, but they made up for it with game notes.

I’m going to give this weeks skirmish a 3/5. The plot proper will begin next week and it’s only going to get better from there.

snapshot20090413213651FUCK IT! FUCK IT ALL!


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