Shangri-la 02


What’s happening: Both sides go into the forest to look for something. Loli kills a girl with mind powers and fatty wins some lottery.

The soundtrack is rather epic; too much so for most the times it’s used. It’s especially overkill for the bad guys’ HQ. Again, it’s clear that the villains are evil and two of them are loli. Too bad I can’t say anything else about them. Well, I could point out how one is malicious, one is naïve and one is gleeful. They are what they are. I love how the guy in the forest announced himself by butting into the conversation. It was so silly and unexpected that it worked. At least it stood out from the stream of deadpan, cliché scenes that preceded it. Shangri-la is shaping up to be a generic show with strong music and bright, crisp visuals (and a dose of QUALITY) that you only want to watch for goofy moments like the ‘chat and run’ of this episode. Even when they seem to be going for drama it ends up seeming like parody. For example: When Kuniko saves a kid and his mother dashes in and shoves her away without really touching her. It’s mainly the way she pops on screen and Kuniko flies off.


Hell, probably more comedy to be found here than in the current season of Hayate no gotoku.

snap-4729035I really don’t want to talk about it.

A 2/5 this time. Still no action or fanservice but some of the designs are cool and lots of unintentional humor. The backgrounds are really stunning.


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  1. Too much going on, not enough explanation, and not enough action. And we also a haxxor Dratini out of all things…

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