Eden of the East 1


What’s happening: A girl is in D.C. on her graduation trip and runs into a naked man. He has lost his memories and decides to head to Japan with her. Japan has recently been struck by 10 missiles.

The initial set-up reminds me of the American movie Paycheck. Only this time there is a mysterious female working for him and he HAS lots money. I doubt a machine that can see the future is in the works, but something similar may be in store. Some may say it seems like the Bourn Trilogy but it’s certainly more Paycheck. The start has a little throwback from a different perspective. We get the scene of the police approaching Saki from her perspective then from Akira’s perspective. That is unusual in anime.

All around the presentation is kicking like Tony Jaa. Visually, this is a title that demonstrates of the evolution of anime today. At the same time, it’s kind of strange that they put such effort into creating realistic and kinetic environments that it appears this show could have been done with live action. Still the level of detail and realism in the settings is a treat. The CG cars are cel shaded so as to make them the best looking CG vehicles you will find in TV anime. They are palatable and quite detailed rather than the typical eyesores you will see in many anime these days.


Enjoy reading this street vendor sign.

The realistic setting is disrupted by some very strange instances: a man in a suit is thrilled at the chance to give away his pants and stand on the corner in his whitey tighties, Akira tries to start a fire in his apartment for no apparent reason, and a black female cop just blushes upon seeing our protagonist’s “Johnny” and lets him walk away. The English voices are not ‘engrish’ and most of them are reasonable. I must admit some of the voices at the start are rather cartoonish. The plot has set up a lot of intrigue and this is done with a very lighthearted tone. Our protagonist is about as carefree as Monkey D. Luffy, and he’s always got a smile creeping onto his face. A lot of questions are raised, but there is no real tension. If the tension floods in as the stakes become clear and the layers are revealed this could turn out brilliantly.


Upon seeing the picture I though our hero may have been starting a male nuddie revolution. Then I saw that none of the guys in the picture look happy at all, and he wrote ‘kill’ on the one after it. This is just a flash of foreshadowing that lasts a few seconds.  At the moment nothing is clear about the situation, so it’s all sunshine and smiles.  I expect this to change and it already is. At the end of the episode it’s night time and a second bombing of Tokyo is revealed. 

The opening is my favorite of this season and fits the show very well. Even if it’s new it is as sick as you would imagine from Oasis. It’s a catchy and powerful way to start the show. Not to mention the layered visuals and random blurbs of text to feast your eyes on. The ending song fills the J-pop quota and features awesome 3D paper animation.

It’s a very promising show. 5/5


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