Cross Game 01 and done


What’s happening: A boy gives this girl a ride on his bike and is spotted by a tough guy who also likes her. He seeks refuge by playing with a local baseball team. Later, said girl gives him the worst possible birthday present.

It’s cool that it’s got retro designs that are reminiscent of Kimogure orange road, Rumiko Tashahaki or any of Mitsuru Adachi’s other works. It even has a few bug-eyed characters thrown in. Nothing to say about the animation or direction; it’s a show that could have been made decades ago. Really there is nothing bad or great about it. The BGM totally fits what they are going for. The emotional song played at the end almost struck a chord with me despite my detraction from the rest of the episode. It’s a strong song for the role, and I wonder if they will continue to use it as the ending song.


I fully expect him to catch a baseball in his huge mitt shaped ear.

My frustration with Cross game is not in its production values, the music, characterization, art and animation are all sufficient; it’s just the premise that they support will not work for me. Cross Game should shape up to a fine buddy sports show. It’s easy to find analogous American movies and sports anime; so the plot and themes are not new ground. The emotional twist at the end was well played, but I think it will be the last of such surprises. From now on it’s on to the male bonding and baseball playing. There may be a ting of coming of age too. It just does not click for me. I’m too old and I’ve seen it before. However, if you have a younger child or sibling, I highly recommend this title for them.

I give this a 2/5 *queue the sad song*


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  1. HTML (((゜д゜; ))) !!!!!

    I fully expect him to catch a baseball in his huge mitt shaped ear.

    Awesome comment is awesome.

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