Ristorante Paradiso: Nothing to see here folks.


What’s Happening: A young woman comes to Rome to visit her mom and her new husband. He runs a restaurant that attracts women with their host of old men wearing spectacles. There is a lot of smirking going on.

You should only watch this show if you would love to see a bunch of men with glasses on. This is such a sleepy and aimless show. It’s not poorly produced per se; I just don’t see what they were going for in the first place. The backgrounds are very nice and have a surreal artistic feel to them. The music is great for the mood inside the Italian restaurant. Character designs are sharp and fairly unique, even if the lead girl reminds me of Nami from one piece. This is not an animated show. You’ve got characters sitting at a table, talking and walking a bit and then more sitting at a table. It’s not a concept that’s going to benefit visually from being animated.

How does the writing fair? This is a slice of life show that moves grindingly slow. There may be some romantic threads that develop later, but I’m about as interested in that as I am in the thread count of my roommate’s pillowcase. The plot is one of the most vapid and inane plots that I’ve seen in a while. Typically a show has some form of intrigue or excitement. Ristorante is pretty vacant in both departments. The dialog does not bring any excitement or drama to the screen either. Some of the lines are downright asinine. “I wonder if everyone is wearing glasses tonight.” SHE fucking mandated the glasses. That’s like going to Wal-Mart and saying “I wonder if everyone is wearing blue shirts again tonight.” “This is a bustling city, but please try to love Rome with all your heart.” Again, WTF is this? Maybe it was partly the subs I was reading…I hope so. There is one bit near the beginning where Nicoletta and her mother are getting a bit catty with each other that was effective but very brief.


Drinking game: Take a drink every time someone says “Grazie.”

Speaking of drinking, watching Ristorante Paradiso is akin to slowing drinking a flat coke that has been watered down by some ice.

2/5 and I’m officially dropping this.


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