Kakihara’s Anime Rating System


S Masterpiece, perfection, exemplary, classic, gem, Top notch

No anime is absolutely perfect, but S rank represents the pinnacle of anime brilliance. It doesn’t get any better than this, and productions in this range are essentially flawless. This is the `Awesome!’ category; the best of the best. A creation with depth and quality to spare; It contains superior production, distinct art and animation, strong and unique story, memorable characters, effective music and uncanny directorial skill.

5 Excellent, classic, distinctive, splendid, highly regarded

They’re fantastic achievements in many ways, with only minor flaws or imperfections. Without a doubt, these are must-own titles that stand at the top of their field. High quality all around; the titles in this category are very memorable.

4 Very good /decent worthy, sufficing, impressive

A very good experience that misses the mark in just a few key areas, titles that score in this range are still highly recommended. On the cusp of greatness, “Impressive” anime may not always have the award-winning qualities of higher-rated titles, but they’re still a hell of a lot of fun.

3 So-so, passable, okay, acceptable, tolerable, run of the mill, mediocre

A good title that has some obvious flaws that keep them from achieving “classic” status, but these blemishes are overshadowed by one or several first-rate elements. While these anime may not be for everyone, they’re still entertaining enough to provide genuine entertainment while they last. Most of these shows are solidly produced and worth experiencing though they may not be particularly noteworthy. The most common issues are a lack of originality or poor pacing.

2 Weak, flawed, lacking, dull, poor, diluted, impotent

Title is tedious or inane. It may still be enjoyable to some, but the weaknesses significantly deteriorate its value. Some bits may be good but the majority is terrible, or so dull it falls short as a whole. It may have very uneven execution. The sort of material where you wish they’d made a few of the changes needed to fix the problem.  Leaves the viewer so indifferent that there’s really nothing else to do other than shrug and move on.

1 Awful, crap, disastrous, troubling, horrible, hideous

It’s more fun to play catch with the box than it is to watch.

0 THE WORST, detestable, unhealthy, terrible to the highest degree

The absolute worst of the worst; put them in a paper bag, set them aflame on your neighbor’s porch, ring the doorbell, and run like hell. Massive suckiness, near no redeeming moments. In effect, unwatchable. Insult to anime–kill it with fire!

Scoring system inspired by Anime academy, Rockband, Game Informer, IGN, youtube, Anime planet, animecritic and whatever else was lying around.

Here are two visual scales to assist your understanding of the system. Use whatever works for you.




There will be no half points. Stars mark distinctive levels that roughly quantify the unquantifiable; there is no need to be more specific than the system’s current divisions.


2 Responses

  1. Gaijin 4koma provides a far more accurate system than all others.

  2. ^ I couldn’t agree more.

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