Freesia Friday Chat 2!


It’s that time of the week. A time to look back or a chance to pick it up for the first time.

Kano is a powerful enigma. So is his link to higuchi. If you happen to be reading and hope to understand either of these-don’t hold your breath.  He is revealed to be a true fighter of the assasination, espionage and gurrilla warfare variety.  He is both a natural and a specially trained pro.  The world he lives in is not dissimilar to our own, only it’s plunged in violence and war. Every action is meaningful is this scenario.  It’s show in the first chapter that Kano can’t live a normal life at this time.  He’s a fighter who only thrives in a violent setting.  It’s ironic that he’s trying to do just that.   Luckily, he was scounted for the idea job: a proxy to carry out cases involving the vengence act.


Kano’s a pretty understanding guy when it comes to this dude fucking his girl in his apartment . . . on his mom’s bed. I guess he has bigger fish to fry.

If you think about it, the vengence act itself is fule to the fire of the nation’s violence.  Basically, if nobody cares enough to request vengeance on you, you can get away with murder. However, they can file a request at any time even after a prison sentence.



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