Spring 2009 Impressions: Part 2


The best facial expression I’ve seen so far

Asura Cryin’


Brief Summary

cute ghost

Tomoharu (nicknamed Tomo) begins a new term in school. He seems completely normal… if not for his ghostly companion, Misao. Throw in a mysterious suitcase sent from his brother but delivered by Shuri and things are surely going to go awry.

Pandora's Box?

And so they did… Beginning with Tomo waking up to Misao’s form floating right above him followed immediately by a midnight raid. The assailant? None other than a flaming miko with blue/green eyes.


Demanding the “Extractor”, she was interrupted by Misao’s appearance. Fleeing, it wasn’t too long when Tomo encountered her again… or maybe not?

Please let go~

Anyways, after earning the ire of every male for going after the newest school idol, Tomo winds up applying for the Science Club. Shuri is the president and holds the answers he seeks.


Getting back to the dorms, Tomo and Misao were greeted by guns. Taken hostage, another person, Reishirou, gave the same demands for the “Extractor”.


Before the truth serum is injected into him, Shuri shows up and frees Tomo from the ropes. Confronting the man in white, things escalated further when a third party joined the fight.


The real Yakuza raided the house. Wielding similar power of fire with the miko, the Young Boss faces off against Shuri and Reishirou.


Facing danger in every direction, Tomo was persuaded by Misao to open the suitcase. Within, there was nothing but darkness… and from within it came forth the Asura Machina.



This was an unexpected treasure discovered amidst the other spring shows. Honestly, the only real complaint I have about was Higuchi and how his voice actor had the role of Clannad‘s Sunohara. The character here is nearly identical in every aspect… Well, minus the epic Tomoyo (and Tomoya chained) kicks.

Musically, very nice but Misao’s ghostly effects were a bit overdone. The shrill supernatural sound could get annoying if I were to watch this continuously. The OP and ED were both sung by angela and amazing to listen to. But if I were to rate them, the OP would edge ahead by a little bit.

Overall, definitely a top tier show. Spiritual mecha fights and sexy characters? Need I mention anything else?

2 Responses

  1. Good blend of females here. Not sure about the mecha stuff until ep 2 (which is prob out no?, dunno) .. I had a nice Kannaduki vibe here (miko+mecha)

  2. incerible es la mejor mas cuando le pegan a tomo pobresito siempre le pegan

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