The Female Fighters of Spring (Pt.3): Queens Blade 1 and 2



What’s happening: Tits Ahoy! One big boobed bandit rescues a princess and takes her back to her castle. There the bandit is imprisoned. The princess dons some revealing armor and fights a psycho demon bitch.

This is not a show I can fap to, but it’s not one you can take too seriously either. Sure it’s crazy and full of buxom babes. It just does not go far enough for me. Also, I don’t have an oversized breast fetish. The episode starts with some nice fighting on the side of a cliff. It’s dynamic and well animated. A typical fantasy BGM enhances the mood throughout.

The key to this episode is Melona: quite a naughty monster. She is a pink, bunny girl demon. Her hair forms hands that squeeze juice out of her large tits-juice that is highly corrosive to anything except skin. Her objectives are unknown. She is impervious to any physical attacks. I doubt I’ll forget her anytime soon.


Because her clothes were destroyed by Melona, Risty feels compelled to tie her breasts up in some traditional bondage for the walk to the kingdom. Such random paraphernalia is rare even in hentai. Next we meet Elina, Leina’s crazy sister. She is clearly off her rocker. Half the time she seems clueless and the other half of the time she has an unhealthy obsession with her sister. It’s too bad we don’t get to see what she had in mind for the bandit Risty.

The other strength of this show is its style. It features fancy and revealing costumes on all of the main females. Think Soul Calibur. I know I can dig it. As for the downside: All of the fights are cut short or appear to be edited out. It’s a bummer as the first few minutes showed serious potential. There is also this annoying blue haired angel named Nanael. She is useless and annoying-the less of her the better. As I mentioned, there are some freaky ladies but they pull their punches just as the fights do. Still, these crazy chicks are given life by their excellent seiyuu.

Expectedly, the plot and script is weak sauce, but you come to expect that from anime.

You will find: huge naked breasts, twisted girls, girl fights, breast milk acid, shibari, panty pissing, choking, and some nice fantasy set design.

There is a stunning and hillarious surprise near the end of the episode. That’s something you don’t see everyday…

It may be a bit hokey and very perverted, but it’s entertaining and has style. This outrageous female fantasy gets 4/5.

Episode 2


What’s happening: Well, the focus shifts to ninja fighting ninja. This also involves shrine maidens, flaming arrows and a giant fucking toad.

This episode starts off well enough with Risty choking Leina while they chat. Then it gets badly off track. That means going Japanese and having flimsy production.

The opening and ending themes are revealed. They are forgettable although filled with tits galore.

I noticed a lot of still frames this episode, particularly facial stills. At one point I though the video had frozen! It must be due to budget or time constraints. Speaking of still shots, there was a frame with 3 men in it. That’s the first appearance of a male in Queen’s blade. Fuck that! There were tons of male ninja in this episode-Ninja that soon coagulated into a GIANT toad. This was a toad that had purple slime and a ridiculously long tong but failed to properly make use of either.

The fight scenes still leave much to be desired but at least there is some blood. You only see the end results of fights or the final blows. It’s a shame-some good action could kick the show up a notch.  Same goes for the perversion level.  I know they have standards but they could do better.

The problem with this episode was that nothing stood out as impressive, it was all half-assed and the premise was too generic. I was not feeling this lower quality mess of ninja attacks and maiden spells. I could just watch an episode of Naruto if I wanted this.

Skip this shit, episode 3 better be back on track. I give this detour a 2/5.


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