The Female Fighters of Spring (Pt 1): Shangri-la 01

What’s happening:

Pink haired girl gets out of Saturday detention or something and we are given exposition on the carbon economy. This rebel group burns some shit to celebrate and the army pulls into town.

This is one Gonzo show that can only be redeemed through it’s visuals. Artwork is sharp and backgrounds are detailed (when not muddled with shitty CG objects). Despite flatter shading, the character designs are faithfully adapted. Animation is present and smooth enough, but there is no real action to show it off this round. A few times, the soundtrack shown through as being almost cinematic, but it was too intense and did not match the scene where it was used. The music was not anything crafted especially for the show.

What about the story? I’m not feeling it at all. It’s presented in a very disengaging manner. Genius loli is trying to topple the economy for fun and profit, and Kuniko has to figure out what’s going on. Very skillful military unit happens to be nearby. There are other parties involved, but I don’t give a DAMN what’s happening. It’s not interesting. It’s not complex. It’s not exciting. It’s not fresh.

Staring at this background art is more intriguing than the plot so far.

The rapid editing of various scenes was good to see, but I didn’t care about any of the scenes.

So far we have: no action, no fanservice, weak story, cheesy CG, maybe the characters can pull through!? Murata’s designs are certainly nice to look at, but as for the characters themselves there is nothing to note. Some are realistic, some are clichés, but none stand out from the masses. I do have hope for the little girl with different colored eyes as far as what she can bring to the plot.


Non-fanservice shower scene.

She returns to the city by yelling “I’m back!” from a high pillar just like Naruto.

A woman must not forget her lipstick when going into battle.

WOW! Magical weapons.

Those thighs…

Kuniko shows off her lack of panties to the boys playing battle tops.

If you couldn’t tell, I was quite disappointed. I will see the next episode to see if it improves on anything.

This one gets 2/5 stars.


3 Responses

  1. Yup, that was quite poor first episode. The only hope is May’n songs…

  2. The OP was impressive with the images alone… but not the May’n song. Didn’t like it at all. Other than the occasional character, my initial hype for this show is all but gone…

  3. This was one huge pile of stereotypical and retarded shit.

    I loved it. ;-;

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