Spring 2009 Impressions: Part 1

Mai Waifu

Shot straight to my heart! <3

My worries about a maid-less Spring season were proven wrong!


K-ON! Quartet

Brief Summary


Like someone on the #AnimeBlogger IRC channel said, “one of girls look like Haruhi and another looked like she stole Haruhi’s headband”.


Ritsu and Mio (well, mostly Ritsu) decided to revive the “light music” club. However, they need a total of four members for club to be validated. They managed to persuade Tsumugi to switch from the choir club but no other person showed interest… up until Yui stopped by.


Thinking that she’ll do something easy like playing the castanets, Yui tried to quit after realizing she’ll be playing the guitar. However, with the lure of good food and nice music, she was caught and thus, the K-ON! quartet was borne.

Impressions [FFVIIKnight]


I really didn’t want to give in to the hype for KyoAni’s new work… but the ED did me in. Very catchy and Mio’s the cover girl. Unlike a certain blogger, I found another girl to fawn over. This will probably be the most popular show of the season, the only other competition being Fullmetal Alchemist. However, thinking about the characters and FMA having to retell the story until Dr. Marcoh appears, K-ON! should have a solid lead.

Overall, this will be a nice series to enjoy that doesn’t require a lot of thought. A silly show indeed.

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Brief Summary

Maid + Gun = Win!

To eliminate crime syndicates, an organization called Inferno carries out assassinations of their leaders. Their top assassin is known as Phantom and her true name is Ein.

Eyes on me?

She has one partner, Zwei. Both were trained and programmed by a mad scientist known as the Scythe Master. In particular, Zwei had his memories wiped and underwent brainwashing to mold him into the perfect tool for murder.

More Ein!

Yet, despite their existence defined by endless bloodshed, both Ein and Zwei yearn to escape their fate as puppets who don’t belong anywhere else.

Welcome back, Master!

Impressions [FFVIIKnight]


When I first read the synopsis, I wasn’t too impressed and one distasteful show came to mind, Nijuu Mensou No Musume (Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief). However, after seeing the first episode, I’m placing this closer to Darker than Black. Considering that Darker than Black is one of my favorite series, I have very high expectations for this.


Yes. I admit it. Ein showing up as a killer maid only a minute into the show is a huge plus for me. Throw in her apathetic personality and I’m thinking of a certain blue haired Eva pilot. My waifu.


Looking just at the music, I enjoyed the OP for its mysterious feel. The accompanying images didn’t really stand out to me… up until the blood splatter. ED-wise, I’m not a fan of Ali Project so I have nothing to say there. The scene with crimson-stained hands almost touching and some brief flashes of Ein’s nude form is probably the only thing worth noting. Other than that, very good music in the scenes themselves, alluringly suspenseful.


Mysterious, action-packed, and with Ein as my new waifu this season… This is currently my favorite of all the new Spring shows. Definitely one to keep up with.

Phantom <3


9 Responses

  1. Ah, it looks like you really love the maid with a gun :P

    Let’s see if any of the blushing maids in a certain stormy anime will make you change your mind :P

    My favorite girl this season so far is Kajika :)

  2. K-On is nothing more and nothing less than good. So average it’s average.

  3. @Kitsune
    Rather, I like her quiet, apathetic (but not really) personality. Ein really reminds me of Rei (Evangelion) and Yin (Darker than Black). Really have to watch more episodes to know her true nature. The maid aspect only… accentuates her character :)

    If you’re talking about Natsu no Arashi, I’m more than a little disappointed by how things started out… but since SHAFT has a hand in it, more then willing to give it a 2nd (or 3rd) chance.

    Then it’s a silly average show!

  4. Personally, I disliked Phantom. The scene with Ein and Zwei murdering the leader of the crime organization was over dramatized and ultimately pointless (come on, what assassins stand on opposite sides of their targets? And what assassin tries to make the murder look cool by barely missing her partner and hitting a helicopter instead?). Though of course, I dislike noir-ish anime in general *whistles*

  5. I never finished Noir and don’t remember much of the 1-3 episodes that I did watch. Therefore, I can’t say anything about the “Noir-ish” genre. However, what draws me into Phantom is Ein’s character and the obvious action that’s going to take place. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    The scene on the helicopter pad reminded me of a certain scene in Black Lagoon when pirates screwed themselves over with friendly fire. However, unlike those said pirates, we have Inferno’s top assassin and the number one sniper in the world. Overly dramatic? Maybe… but I saw it as a method to accentuate their skills. What I WOULD consider ultimately pointless would be Basquash’s Miyuki and her Operation Rolling Cleavage.

    All in all, I’m still a bit wary of the opening episode and hoping that my expectations would be met. If this fails me, then it won’t be the first time with Bee Train (Blade of the Immortal?)… But I could always hope for another Darker than Black…

  6. Oh well. I even thought you’d pick Tsumugi as your seasonal waifu. Looks like I wasn’t the first person to have thought of Noir from the caps alone.

  7. Tsumugi gave me the Miyuki feel and none of the characters in Lucky Star really appealed to me. If there was to be someone in K-ON! to be my waifu (besides Mio), it would be Ritsu… only because of her pose in the ED. But that is the complete opposite of her true personality…

  8. k-on is epic not better den beck

  9. u know wats the anime of the decades hajime no ippo and fate stay night dere epic

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