Freesia Friday

freesia cover
I have long held that I have three top favorite manga: GTO, Freesia and Berserk. I stand by this at the moment as it saves me a lot of trouble of sorting out a mess of preferences. Of these, I suspect one is much less well known: Freesia by Jiro Matsumoto.

I utterly love Jiro Matsumoto’s works, and I’ll put a respective spotlight on each of them in due time. Most are one or two volumes long-sometimes just a volume of one shot chapters. His sketchy and detailed art is simply so expressive. In style and content, every page is a breath of fresh air and excitement. He often deals with subjects of war, sex, drugs,animal masks, hallucinations,aimlessness, brutality, and various interpersonal conflicts and personal confusion. Freesia is his longest running work and hits on all of these. He fleshes out each of his unique and realistic characters (even the antagonists) and at the same time crafts a plot that is both believable and unpredictable. Well, he does keep some characters mysterious and some are a bit extreme but still believable. It is strongly driven by it’s plot and it’s characters. To me, it’s a whole new level of manga.

As I said, I suspect a general lack of awareness of Jiro Matsumoto’s works. I have no reason to not extend this to anime bloggers and blog readers. If I can enlighten just one or two persons, then I will be satisfied. I hope to let his works reach many more new eyes.

So, this marks the first endeavor into Freesia. It introduces a seemingly boring young man, Hiroshi Kano, who is seen looking for a job to purchase medicine for his senile mother.

He also kills some punks in a dark alley and fucks his blond girlfriend in a pretty special way. The chapter cuts off with his Job interview.

If this is the first time you have heard of Freesia, GO READ IT NOW! Even if you have heard of it but neglected to read it before now, GO READ IT!
If you love it too, READ IT AGAIN, see if you notice anything you didn’t see before, and share you love in a comment.

Another chapter next week.


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  1. Pretty creepy, but the art is quite details and looks almost as if it moves. ^^

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