Kannagi – Chapter 27


In the First Year of High School, We Only Have This One Summer Vacation

If only I could wake up to this sight…

Brief Summary

Drained physically, Akiba made a call to Jin right before his body submitted to sleep. When he woke up, he was in a daze, wondering why Tsugumi and Shino were standing above him.


The shock quickly wore off but it was already too late to hide the evidence… or rather, some suggestive material.


Tsugumi~ I wuv you!


Everything could be explained with one word, doujinshi. Seeing that his competitors are debilitated, Akiba thought it could be his chance to shine.


Though he spent time on the beach that could’ve been used for manga, Akiba was not one bit regretful. In fact, he was determined to have both! His pose and words inspired Nagi, bringing her to tears. Seeing this, Takako and company decided to help Akiba fulfill his dream.


Epic as always!


And so, with a bit of trouble at the start, they split up the work, assigning a person per task.


Jin also stopped a modelling session from going to far…



The target audience changed a bit from Akiba’s desired male audience… to BL (Boy-Love) fans… like Shino.



Despite the approaching deadline, they started from scratch… with BL in mind. Akiba’s parents got back and upon hearing that her son brought back girls, his mother enthusiastically went to check on him… only to find… this.




But at least he finished on time!


TSU-GU-MI!!! Ah yes, another delightful chapter. I was getting a bit frustrated with the vacation/beach chapters since they’ve drawn away from what makes Kannagi shine, the comedy. Another epic moment with Akiba-kun and though I’m not a fan of BL, I’m a bit curious how his final work turned out, especially with Daitetsu and Jin being the models. But I suppose it’s easy to guess who’s the seme (“top”) and who’s the uke (“bottom”).

There was only one snag to enjoying this chapter fully… a little consequence of my Tsugumi fanboy self. When his mother was mentioning about how she hoped that Akiba’s girlfriend would have short hair, that crossed Shino from the list and to a degree, Takako. That leaves… Tsugumi… who was my waifu for Fall 2008… Akiba x Tsugumi? I REJECT!!!


One Response

  1. Oh, some yaoi material there too…

    Nah, Tsugumi’s love is Nagi herself :P

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