A Confession


Please keep this a secret… just between the two of us…


I would like to confess that Souryu Asuka Langley is better than the previously esteemed Ayanami Rei. Nothing is better than the brash Red Devil. She is now my new wife… for eternity. I shall now remove all traces of Rei and other formerly favorable blue-haired specimen from my immediate vicinity.


That includes Matsurika from Maria+Holic. Her hair is a light shade of blue. She’s out.


Which leads me to my next topic… My love for maid-type characters was nothing more than a farce. My true passion… lies within a certain magical starfish loving girl. I mean, we both share the passion for wooden 5-pointed starfish that somehow affects the human mind. We are comrades!


All hail the starfish!


Oh gawd, it was so painful writing this… orz


2 Responses

  1. hahahaha That just made my day!

    I can’t believe you actually took the time to write this post! It must have been so painful for you :P

    Starfish! lol

  2. I spasmed.

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