Double Arts: Omake


The final end I suppose.

Brief Summary + Impression

First off, a moment to recognize Andie who had a very short appearance but definitely had potential.


Unlike the previous special Bangaihen, these pages were dedicated fully to Farran, the somewhat mysterious warrior whose combat reputation precedes him.


It also provided a look at his soft side…


But most importantly, his mania for those meal flags…



For all those Sui fans out there (myself included), she did show up… for one panel…


Another secret was revealed… The true reason why Farran doesn’t drink…


Even though I’ve long gave up the hope for Double Arts to restart, seeing this makes me sad. It was such a good series that had a lot of potential… only to fall victim to ratings. And so I bid, farewell to thee…




7 Responses

  1. Oh, I like that girl with a sword :)

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  3. Dammit, the memories are flooding back…

  4. Komi…I really hope he continues double arts again T~T

    It’s making me so damn sad not to see the complete story of it!

  5. I was hoping that Double Arts would actually continue…throughout the series I would dream about Kiri/Kili telling Elle that he loved her…but all that potential…

    Although I know there’s a very small chance that it’ll continue, I still hope that the mangaka will continue it!!

    I still wonder why it got such low reviews–I’ve seen many adoring fans out there! It may not be the next Naruto, but it’s still amazing! I hope Shonen Jump will realize that and ask for it to start again!

    Thank you for these precious Omakes :)

  6. hellp to bring double arts back here

  7. Face reality. DA is stopped.

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