Mousou Shoujo Otakukei


Ah… The alluring fujoshis… Dangerous duo…

Brief Summary


It all started out from an innocent apology. Asai was eavesdropping on a conversation between the school’s idol and his best friend. Fantasizing about yaoi, she went too far with her imagination and collapsed… just when he opened the door. Abe thought he was responsible for her condition and seeking forgiveness, he winded up being her model.


One thing led to another and Abe found himself falling in love with Asai. However, there were some… noticeable barriers, mainly her otaku habits.


There’s another fujoshi who quickly turned from Rumi’s foe to her best friend.



Matsui, the closet fujoshi, is another competitor for Asai’s heart.


Everything quickly snowballs… into something else…





Needless to say, Abe and Asai’s destiny for true love will be a long and treacherous journey.


I swear, I could not stop laughing through some chapters. It’s a briliant piece of work that’s both funny and romantic, two genres that I truly enjoy. Asai’s fujoshi nature combined with Abe’s innocent love. Too many parodies to count. A tiny bit of fanservice that appears only for a chapter or two. Plus… Evangelion references can’t hurt.


Even if I despise Kaworu… Deep unfathomable hatred for that character…

On the bright side, little more than 2 months until I get my reserved Rei… Ahhh~


2 Responses

  1. That, is so hilarious! The closet fujoshi looks bedazzled and overwhelmed lol.

  2. The first panel is somewhat misleading :P

    “I’ll cleanse it!” lol

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