Koe no Oshigoto!


Embarrassed by a certain 4-letter word… as would most of us.

WARNING: Content may be considered NSFW.

Brief Summary

It all started with a birthday present followed by her big sister’s small request. Turning 16, Aoyagi Kanna’s life would be changed irreversibly, for better or worse. It all depends how you see it.



Not knowing what her sister does was Kanna’s downfall. The truth was soon revealed but by then, it’s too late. She’ll help produce of eroge (erotic games) by being one of the characters’ voice.



Of course, for a 16-year-old who’s so innocent and naive, there was a brief struggle. A hopeless struggle.



Resistance crushed, she underwent vigorous training to fulfill her voice actress role.





Kanna won’t be suffering alone. She gets a mentor, a senior who’s already been in the business.



And some other… minor characters.


But if you’re working on eroge, research is a must.



Throw in some props… A live one would be perfect.

props1Anyways, you get the picture where this series is going… but if not…




Well, looking at how far some scenes can get (especially the “chupa” chapter), mature themes is a prominent feature. Yes, it gets dirty and if it’s intolerable for whatever reason, obviously not a series for you. I can’t get into any more detail since it’ll be a hit-or-miss, depending solely on how well you can tolerate the material.

One last note, Kanna’s a moe blob. Winning personality with her innocent pure-pure state, reminding me of Tsugumi of Kannagi. As a bonus, out of the 4 eroge she played, Kanna enjoyed the maid one the most. :)


The best part of waking up… is… eroge in the morning?


3 Responses

  1. That one crossed the line…

  2. very good summery. Explains it very well.

    I love the series it’s just my taste. Kanna’s daydreams are probably the most perverted images in the story, and it’s interesting how the story constantly follows her conscience and how her self esteem goes up and down throughout the story.

    She is a very lovable character and this constantly brings me back to when my sexuality was awakened. And since it’s a girl that goes through it all is very interesting and adorable. First chapter through kinda rushes it

  3. I don’t disagree with you!!!

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