Claymore – Chapter 89


Impossible Dream


Despite being the strongest of the Abyssal ones, the King of the North was struggling in battle. Wounded from a previous encounter, he’s at his limit.




At a safe distance, Dietrich explained how the Abyss Feeders were so effective. They share a common link and after each battle, they would share their individual experiences. Learning, they’ll be better prepared for the next battle, quick to harass their target before it could fully regenerate. After hearing about this, Helen and Deneve realized that they put another Abyssal one in danger, Riful of the West.



But before they could talk more, there was a sudden change in the air.


Isley had fallen.



In a last ditch effort, he threw his blade at one of the approaching Abyss Eaters. If he killed it, then the auto-retreat programming would activate and he’ll get a short reprieve. However, despite his true aim, the Demon had moved its vital parts from the head. Regenerating, the monster began feasting on the prone, defenseless Isley.


In his final moments, Isley wished that he could turn back time. Though they weren’t a real family, he treasured the time he spent with Priscilla and Raki. Just realizing that now, it’s too late. It’s nothing but an impossible dream.



Though their creations were successful in removing the strongest Abyssal One, the Organization was not going to slow down for the last one. In addition to the Abyss Eaters, they’re willing to send their #1 and #2, the twins Alicia and Bess.



Wow. I didn’t expect Isley to be killed off nor did I foresee that final sentimental side of him. The latter of which creates the perfect setup for a flashback chapter that will reflect on Raki/Priscilla’s final moments with him. It also indicates that possible “happy end” for Clare and Raki should she cross that line to being fully Awakened. There is the notion of family, regardless of being human or Yoma.

So that makes 2/3 Abyssal Ones killed in action (not counting Luciela who is still comatose and merged with Rafaela). Riful’s the last one standing and the only way she’s going to survive is if the captured Renee’s able to awaken the sisters. Yet, all the big players will be making an appearance soon. The Abyss Eaters and Alicia/Beth combo from the Organization. Riful, Dauf, and Luciela/Rafaela (?) for the Abyssal side. Clare is in the region and she’ll be joined by Helen/Deneve/Dietrich. The only other unknown is Raki/Priscilla who are still wandering around. That would be a nice 3(4)-way battle.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah Isley’s death was a bit surprising, although I’m not too surprised that he thought Raki and Priscilla were his family. One thing that didn’t make sense though is why Isley left Priscilla when he started being hounded by the AEs. Priscilla is stronger than Isley and the two of them together can probably kill a squad of 11 AEs without any of them escaping. And whatever happened to Isley’s Awakened Being subordinates?

    The current situation is really building up into an epic showdown. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  2. Thank you for showing me this scary manga in the evening… I’ll sleep very well tonight >.>

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