Onihime VS


Oh gawd.

Brief Summary

Setsuna lived a harsh life, bullied at school and seeing himself only as a burden. Born with a serious heart condition, his older sister was the only family he had left and she gave up everything for his sake. She sacrificed her own future to keep him alive. Because of that, they lived a poor life, constantly hounded by loan sharks.  In addition, despite their best efforts in saving money, he knew that they’ll won’t make it in time for his surgery.


Just from introductions alone, my favorite character is clear

After a particularly bad day in school, he came home only to find his sister harassed again. Feeling guilty, Setsuna was resolved to end his life. He wanted to free his sister from the burden he brings. However, before he could follow through, a mysterious stranger named Middleman gave him a tempting offer. In exchange for his life, Middleman would pay 10 million yen to extend it for 1 year. When that time comes, Middleman will do whatever he wants with Setsuna.



As if I needed another reason to like Rena…

His future changed from hence forth. Waking up the next day, he found two women waiting for him. They were two princess from the Oni clan. White and Black, Kanna and Rena. They explained the finer details of the contract; in particular, the grisly fate that awaits him. In that extended 1 year, his heart will transform into the Banrikou heart. It will gain power but at the same time, attract demons. Should he ever encounter any of them, he should summon one (or both) of the two princesses to save him. The princess who gets summoned the most in that one year time frame would win. The prize would be the right to consume Setsuna’s heart and gain the power to rule the Oni clan.




Already seen maid+gun and maid+knife combos… but dual-katana maid?

Of course, to be summoned, the princesses must make an impression on Setsuna so that if he’s put into danger, they’ll be summoned. Kanna chose the more risque path, using her body as bait and pure brute force in combat. On the other hand, Rena’s much more conserved and her ability to separate the parasitic demon without killing the human host is preferred over the loss of power.


Post-battle injuries making her look like a certain Evangelion character…

Still, despite their differences, the two emissaries are even matched in the contest for Setsuna’s heart.



Some romantic competition? I think not…


From the artist who drew Kurokami, Unbalance x Unbalance, and Freezing, this is another impressive piece of work. Already another addition to my favorites list.

True, the primary reason why I enjoy this so much is because of Rena. Her quiet nature combined with the maid outfit was killer for me. However, despite how I hate Kanna’s character (well, outgoing characters in general), I’m intrigued by her soft side. She seemed honest with her promise to protect Setsuna and his sister… though the glomping is quite excessive. Arima, the bully that picked on Setsuna, is another character that’s iffy for me. Not particularly fond of how she changed so quickly. But overall, plenty of potential with the plot and maid service is a definite draw.


4 Responses

  1. Wow, hot meido, good design and vicious. Mmmmmmm

  2. Jacobi or maids… The answer is clear! lol I hope you did well :)

    That maid looks fierce!

    Post-battle injuries making her look like a certain Evangelion character

    haha :P

  3. I’ve been waiting for the Chapter 14 raw, but it’s still not released yet.

    I’m glad at least someone is posting a short review on the manga, it’s a underrated due to the slow release.

  4. @Seizhin
    I think one of the things that hinder its popularity is the art style. It seems Korean, which can be a downer for some. I’m still waiting for updates but I’ll get around to it when I have the chance.

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