The Era of Maids


On Valentine’s Day, I was unable to find the maid of my dreams… at least in reality.


So as some of you may know, due to my excessive gaming habits and being roped into Final Fantasy XI strenuous college schedule that involves 2 semester-long projects, my blogging schedule dwindled to a mere trickle. However, I do intend to pick back up once my free subscription expires and you might see some of my coursework in due time.

Why is that? Well, for my GUI class, I announced to my professor that I’m making a visual novel… of Maria+Holic. Maybe a dating sim if I get far enough. Presenting my case, I’m sure the aging old man fully understands how VNs work… Oh, asking a friend for help with character designs was a big mistake. With his generated products, I figured that topless loli’s running around would be detrimental to my final grade.

Princess Resurrection/Monster Princess

While not exactly laden with moe-blob maids, Reiri surely deserves some mention.



Hajimete no Aku

The same goes for the evil genius Jiro and his first experience with DFC.

Epic line of the week

Though they were small… they’re still boobs…




Omamori Himari

Though more prominent with its catty goodness, teacup Lizlet is nice. Himari as a natural neko-meido is also nice.




Yuu and Mugi seems to be the getting along really well, even enduring Maid Mako :)



HNNNNNNNNNGG!!! Decisions!


Domina no Do

A new character and it happens to be a maid… I suspect the manga gods are tormenting me with such perfect unattainable beings.


Quite blunt she is… but that is better than…



Inko is so considerate of other people’s needs… even if they’re not her masters.



Well, been a while since I’ve blurbed about anything animated. I’m still waiting for subs of the 5th release of Kara no Kyoukai to come out. Until then, I guess I’ll have to settle with the spring season.


Akikan! : [Following] Only for the potential of maid Yell

Tower of Druaga -Sword of Uruk- : [Following] 4 andriod killers? WTF?!

Ride Back: [Following] Top favorite this season!

Maria+Holic: [Following] Close 2nd, would be first if more Shizu moe~ time

Vipers Creed: [Following] Ghost in the Shell + Blassreiter? What’s with the boob OP?

Clannad ~After Story~: [Occasional] Lack of Kotomi makes me weep… but Ushio…

Asu no Yoichi!: [Following] … Just waiting for the upcoming beach episode reactions!

To Aru Majutsu no Index: [Dead] Index, worst character ever. So useless.

Axis Powers Hetalia: [Dead] Boring. So boring.

Sore Kakeru Girl: [Following] Lelouchopard!

Minami-ke Okaeri!: [Occasional] Not enough time?

Kurokami: [Dead] Lack of interest.

White Ablum: [Dead] Extreme lack of interest.

Gundam 00 Second Season: [Following] Why? For the lulz…

Tytania: [Following] In need of more space battles!

I’m sure there’s more series that eluded by sleep-deprived brain but these are the most notable ones. Oh, as a parting gift… a spoiler.






DFC is a lie. DFC loli is a lie.


3 Responses

  1. What have you done?…. It was a nice day and… you overloaded my brain with maids! :P

    It sounds like you are very busy this semester…

    “Oh, asking a friend for help with character designs was a big mistake. With his generated products, I figured that topless loli’s running around would be detrimental to my final grade.”

    hahaha Well, it depends on the teacher :P

    That blood maid is awesome :)

    As for Hajimete no Aku, yes, they are all equal.

    Maid Mako is… too much…

    The eyepatch maid is just too scary D:

    Oh wow, you follow so many anime! You need more Shizu love :)

  2. Just wonderful. Lol

  3. pues esta de poca
    no esta sssssssssssssss padre
    espero b mas


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