Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2!


A friend recommended this to me since it’s a free Gundam-esque game.

But I didn’t expect them to take names after OS’s.



Gundam Nanoha is a nice surprise.



The model’s are pretty well done and the battles are epic.




There’s 3 modes of play, not counting online which I can’t get to work. There’s Survival (1 vs 2 at a time for endurance), Team (as it might imply, 2 groups fight each other and you have only 1 life), and Blitz (you attempt to take down the enemies’s ship while fighting continuously spawning Gundams). Blitz gets a tad laggy when too many NPCs enter the fight and missiles/lasers/beam sabers fly around.



Overall, a very enjoyable game even though it lacks networking capabilities. Plenty of mecha to go around and each has a different style of play. And the IT’S FREE factor makes it all the more worthwhile to get.


4 Responses

  1. Fight it, fight the gaming addiction :P

  2. Actually, I’ve been initiated to FFXI… >_>;

  3. Oh noes! This is a grind land of no return! :P Hmm… Maybe I should proselytize you into this :P

  4. I’m getting this. \o/

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