(Late) Happy New Year (Ox)!


It may be the Year of the Ox but… Tis the season for MAIDS!!!

I never really paid much attention to Chrome Shelled Regios since the manga didn’t impress me. It got boring really quick and there wasn’t anything to hold my attention… until now.


And then there’s version 2!


Maid Felli!!! She also resembles Yin from Darker than Black, especially when trying to smile.

Akikan! also shows some promise…


Though I have yet to see the any maid uniform on Yell, Najimi’s Akikan.


But of course, the one that tops them all is still Matsurika.


Followed by Mariya…


But Nurse Mariya is fine too.



But I found something new to strive for! No, it’s not graduating from college, getting a job, nor pre-registration for Otakon. It’s Maid Rei!


I’m in love.


3 Responses

  1. Happy New Year! :)

    So many maids… This list is still missing one though :P

    Felli looks so sad :(

    Matsurika is good even without dere :P

    Nurse Mariya…

    Maid Rei! She even has some tea :) The price tag looks heavy…

  2. Happy Lunar New Year!

    And I see you’ve selected a new seasonal waifu. Congratulations.

  3. Happy Lunar New Year!
    May you receive lots of hong baos (red packets) this year! (::

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