Maria + Holic – Episode 4


God’s in her heaven… All’s right with her world.

The one development that proved fatal to Kanako… and very dangerous to me. Introducing… maid Mariya.


Ready for “service”

Adding to a position once held solely by Matsurika…


Time for maid guitar?

I am extremely jealous of Kanako right now, being serviced by two maids… The matter of Mariya being a trap is a minor issue, for now.


Cue in some of Kanako’s fantasies… playing on the beach…


And going to Disneyland… Very touching indeed.


But Mariya had other plans…


The abuse begins… once more.


Enjoying Mariya’s “treatment” a bit too much, it was too late when Matsurika reminded Kanako that a guy is stepping on her… triggering her body’s natural reaction, hives.


But still, I’m jealous of Kanako ; _ ;


2 Responses

  1. I see… Maid overload was too much for you to resist :P

  2. Too much? I dare not resist! I resist only the question of which maid looks better… Grrk!

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