Squishing Everything into One Post

This week was busy.


First off, I was one of many who funded the financial bailout plan. No, it wasn’t for the ailing US economy. It was for Noe-chan. Not the chicken girl from True Tears but an animeblogger server affectionately named after her.

my himegimis

However, unlike any stimulus plan drafted by the government, there’s a guaranteed and immediate reward for my good deed. I am now the master savior of two himegimis formerly taken hostage by Noe-chan. Of course, I would have prioritized Tsugumi… but alas, she was first saved by the server’s owner, mellow_bunny. Thus, I settled for the two remaining blue-haired goddesses.

bloody-monday code-blue

Onto other more anime-related-but-not-quite developments, I’ve finished two J-dramas, Bloody Monday and Code Blue.

To sum up Bloody Monday without raging too much, imagine one of those recycled seasons of 24… Replace super counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer with naive teen hacker Fujimaru… Take away some of those explosive special effects and replace it with standard drama… Skim some realism off the top and… VOILA!!! You have Bloody Monday.

Not all was bad… though the only outstanding thing is music. Not even the “hacking” could raise my interest, beaten down by the recurring CG falcon flapping around.

As for Code Blue, like all medical shows, the key attraction is suspense driven from internal (between the doctors) and external (patients coming in) influences. It had a strong story with several powerful plots that held out until the end. A bit weak in the conclusion but nothing really to complain about. If you read my previous post, you’ll know about my love for flight-nurse Saejima… Just observe the ordeal she went through with a rowdy patient.

Round 1 Winner: Nurse Saejima!

Round 2 Winner: Nurse Saejima

Victory smile! <333~

Shirashi is a runner-up favorite since I like her hair…

But Saejima is unmatchable.

Coming in third is the grouchy mentor/doctor Kuroda.

He’s like Dr. House from… House. However, despite his amazing medical but lacking social skills, what bugs me the most is his overused and insignificant line. I hear it in every episode, even in the scene when his arm was about to be amputated.

“That’s right.”

Finally… to the actual anime stuff…

Ride Back

I love its OP, especially the ballet parts that complemented the song really well. However, I can’t deny the IGPX vibes I get from watching this… But there’s one thing Ride Back has that IGPX doesn’t…

And that is… pantsu.

Tower of Druaga -Sword of Uruk-

Ki and her spoon.

Fatina’s weak posterior defenses.

Enough said.

Gundam 00 Second Season

More than enough said…

Onto manga, there’s some development in the Kannagi… Reaching out beyond the anime’s ending.

TSUGUMI!!! <333~

And there was a new release from Komi Naoshi, author of Double Arts. It’s another one-shot… called Apple.

Definitely unique in concept but not too unfamiliar with his style. Same carefree main character…

With some original superpowers…

But… it seemed a bit too zany for me. Too… out there…

Final Words

The combination of a challenging winter internship and slow Internet connection forced my anime/manga consumption to be put on a “diet”. However, I’m about to move back to college for my final semester of studies. That means I’m not sure whether or not my posting schedule will return to its former daily momentum. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.


4 Responses

  1. Thus, I settled for the two remaining blue-haired goddesses

    Good choices!

    lol, j-dramas, I like that line “I will destroy your equation” freaking hilarious.

    Will probably check out that Apple, I liked Double Arts, since had a couples left unread, but damn I wish it wasn’t cut short.

  2. It was very nice of you to rescue that blog :)

    Nurse Saejima is just great :) Keep posting these pictures and destroying equations :P

    haha Looks like Dr. Kuroda is serious business :P

    Rideback has plenty of explicit and latent fanservice.

    Yes, the spoon attack was very evil…. I liked that girl with purple hair – she has an awesome druid attack :)

  3. Tsugumi looks like she’s about to activate Yandere mode or something.

  4. @RyanA
    The paper fan and fufufu laugh are saved!


    Well, she did get all Oyashiro-sama at the last episode (similar to the manga)

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