Girl Saurus DX – Chapter 46


Ninja Scroll Saurus

My initial reaction: … Eh? … WTF?!

Brief Summary

Another girl makes her way into the Girl Saurus cast… Her name? Kaede.


Like any other typical ninja, Kaede is very skilled with the katana.


Adding onto her skill with the sword, Kaede possesses some deadly secret techniques…


But… somehow, her cold heart is melted by the flaming passions of love (or lust?).




Still feeling the impact from Kei Kusonoki’s other series Bitter Virgin, it was nostalgic seeing more of her work with similar character designs… though with completely different plots. Though not a top favorite, Girl Saurus DX does kill time… with some eye candy to boot. However, I have to admit that the prequel (Girl Saurus) was better since it had a bit more plot… but undeniably less fanservice.

Looking at Kaede, I can only wonder whether or not… to feel sorry for Shingo since he’s allergic to females… or to rage at him for his continued “bad luck”… Such is the anime/manga life, I suppose…


One Response

  1. haha They are persistent :P

    Living life to the fullest is a good advice :)

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