Doubt – Chapter 18



A woman’s jealousy is not to be trifled with…

Brief Summary

Continuing from the last chapter, what was that promise that Mitsuki spoke of? Well, it was just a talk… that Yuu walked out on, claiming to be too busy to listen to her.




Mitsuki wanted some comfort, a friend’s support… Later on, she found Yuu hanging out with another friend of theirs.




Seeing them hold hands, Mitsuki snapped.



And pulling out a cellphone, she brought up a picture and showed it to Yuu. It was Kei… with a noose around her neck.


Mitsuki moved in for the final blow… raising the wrench.



Before she dealt the blow, Yuu confessed… but it wasn’t a confession that he lied to go out with Kei. He had arranged a meeting with  her so that they could get a surprise birthday present for Mitsuki.




The girl vehemently refused to believe such “lies” and moved to attack, first disabling his legs.



Out of desperation, Yuu kicked out and hit the same leg that was struck earlier with the crowbar. Mitsuki collapsed and in the process, sliced her own neck with Yuu’s scapel.



Even though she tried to kill him, Yuu was resolved to save her, remembering the promise he made when he first got here. However, even with Mitsuki’s barcode, the last door wouldn’t open. Just when he realized that, footsteps approached from behind.



Wow. I had a sneaking suspicion that the “promise” was something minor… but it turned out to be something with a bit more substance. Jealousy, frustration, and most importantly… betrayal from friends. I guess Mitsuki did have a good reason to be mad at Yuu… though whether or not that warrants his death, that’s very questionable.

Another twist at the end with the mystery person. I could see only two possibilities right now. Most of their group were confirmed dead… except for Hajime. I don’t think there was a panel of his dead body. The other option, one that I’m leaning more towards, is Mitsuki’s father. That seems more likely and would open up many more possibilities for the story.

Delicious suspense as always :)

2 Responses

  1. Oh my… That is scary… I liked the art though.

  2. OMG I don’t know what’ll happen next… Mitsuki’s father is in the hospital (or unless he’s gotten away) and where’s Hajime now? I think he’s still alive (it can’t be him since he can’t walk, or can he?)… Another guess of mine is that it can be the police and Hajime called them but that would be very impossible since it’s too early lol and Hajime can’t easily escape outside.

    Btw, I lol’d at how that cellphone thing was misunderstood and had turned out to be one of the cause of a huge killing game. Yandere Mitsuki ftw again :D

    Ugh I can’t wait to read the next chapter!!! It says January 10 it’s published. I hope SnoopyCool would not take it too long to translate ^_^

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