Gundam 00 Second Season – New OP

Title: Namida no Mukou (Across from the Tears)
Artist: Stereo Pony

After experiencing the group’s work on a Bleach ED, I figured that it’ll be an instant favorite, or something decent at the very least. Unfortunately… the vocals don’t match the animation at all. Very disappointing.

Also, Anew Returner looks… a tad different. Some wind, purple sparkles, and a glowing butterfly… That would make anyone look… yea…


OP version


Introduction episode

Anyways, this was noted by a friend who had the following reaction to the OP…

[20:51] XXXXXXXXX: but the girls are half naked
[20:51] XXXXXXXXX: or rather naked but only half is showing
[20:52] XXXXXXXXX: wait wait wait…………
[20:52] XXXXXXXXX: WAIT………..
[20:52] XXXXXXXXX: whose the girl with the purple hair in the OP??
[20:52] XXXXXXXXX: WAIT………..

That’s when he realized that it was none other than Anew Returner. Then…

[20:54] XXXXXXXXX: no no
[20:54] XXXXXXXXX: it could be female tieria?
[20:54] FFVIIKnight: no
[20:55] XXXXXXXXX: tieria is a male
[20:55] XXXXXXXXX: sunrise the trolled me
[20:55] XXXXXXXXX: >_>

And he noticed how different she looked so a little research was needed…

[20:57] XXXXXXXXX: brb i need to check out anew returner
[20:57] FFVIIKnight: “check out”
[20:57] XXXXXXXXX: gotta confirm its her
[20:57] FFVIIKnight: mhmm
[20:57] FFVIIKnight: “it’s a her” <- corrected

That’s when reality hit him…

[20:59] XXXXXXXXX: yea fine i guess its anew returner
[21:00] XXXXXXXXX: but it could be tieria as well
[21:00] XXXXXXXXX: that is till at 0:41 when they showed tieria with a male body
[21:02] FFVIIKnight: dreams ruined?
[21:02] XXXXXXXXX: kinda
[21:02] XXXXXXXXX: ….

One week without Gundam 00 just made me realize what I’m missing in life… Something to make fun of during the weekends…


2 Responses

  1. The OP made me laugh, only because it was so lame.

  2. I thought that the next OP would be Unlimited Sky by Tommy Heavenly6… so sad that it was only made as an insert song T.T

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