Code Breaker – Chapter 27


The Choice of Life

I can’t find a reason not to hug her… Well, there is that little issue of her being a ninja…

Brief Summary

Forced to fight against Kanda and others manipulated by Hitomi’s electrical powers, Oogami was prepared to kill his coworkers. However, Sakura couldn’t accept that and before the Code Breaker could burn them, she tackled their homeroom teacher… and to their surprise, broke the link controlling the undercover agent.



Discovering the “cure”, they were about to apply it to the others when their bewitched associates suddenly collapsed, dead from electrocution. Hitomi destroyed them before they turned hostile to him again.



Even worse, Hitomi had assembled students from their class. They were all holding knives to their throats. Offering their lives, the renegade Code Breaker wanted the target (Toki’s dad/prime minister) in exchange.



It’s been a while since I touched on Code Breaker… since it had turned into something horribly bland and predictable. It had no direction and seemed to move nowhere. However, this release was different and got back on track, returning to the quality of that Tabata arc. Average… but far better than reading about Sakura’s strange parents.

It seems that Sakura’s “rare ability” is to neutralize any superhuman power. It renders Oogami’s flame ineffective and now, Hitomi’s manipulation of the human mind. I suppose it’s cancelling effect is activated only with direct contant and when needed. Toki’s still able to manipulate magnetic fields when she’s around.

Onward, I hope the quality would get better. However, my expectations are low since a resolution comes next chapter. In addition, the target has this weasly smile on his face so he’s not so innocent or pure. I’m thinking that it might end up like Tabata with some sort of sacrificial end and all the bad guys are dead. Hopefully, that would not be the case.


2 Responses

  1. It must be hard being a ninja, carrying such heavy assets…

  2. Oho, I see where your eyes lie!

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