Usagi Drop – Chapter 11


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Poor Rin…

Brief Summary

After having his parents babysit Rin, Daikichi went to a nearby restaurant to meet with the child’s real mother.



The two were very shocked by the appearance of the other. Daikichi saw Rin in her while he was mistaken, again, for being his grandfather.



Showing a picture of Rin, Daikichi wanted to see her reaction to it, trying to figure out whether or not Masako felt any guilt for losing the child. There was none. While looking, he noticed…



That she was a mangaka. Asking directly, Daikichi wanted to know if she gave up Rin because of work. She confirmed that suspicion.



Then, he asked if it was ok for him to be Rin’s guardian. She didn’t have a problem with that. From her behavior, Daikichi finally felt better about his decision to take care of Rin.




But despite the indifference Masako exhibited, there was one moment when she acted like a real mother… when she requested for Rin to use Daikichi’s surname. The child wouldn’t endure any embarrassment that way.




It was Masako’s only request and despite his previous impressions of the woman, he couldn’t help but acquiesce.



But even so, Daikichi made sure to include Rin in the decision of using his family’s surname. In addition, he opened up the future possibility of Masako re-entering Rin’s life. All in all, the meeting was successful for all parties.




I can’t remember any motherly character I’ve come to despise as much as Masako. The total indifference she exhibited but acknowledging Rin’s existence at the same time seemed so wrong. I could only sympathsize with Daikichi more… but unlike that character, I couldn’t find a way to forgive her… even with her last second request.

The uplifting end of the chapter makes Masako’s reappearance all the more likely. However, I don’t think, nor would I hope, for her to fight Daikichi for Rin’s custody. She seems to be one of those key characters… but only in name. I don’t think she’ll get any major part in the future… Something that I’m perfectly fine with.

However, with the “who’s the mother?” issue resolved, I don’t know what direction the series will take. Maybe Daikichi will fall in love with Yuuki’s mom that other single mom in a previous chapter… whose name eludes my memory at the present. Or maybe I’m getting things confused with My Girl (seinen)… Either way, I look forward to more slice of life and (hopefully) some romance down the road.


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