Claymore – Chapter 87


Return of the Exterminators

Yea, Deneve and Helen would be screwed… if it weren’t for them.

Brief Summary

While the two warriors from the Northern campaign were battling it out with Isley, Dietrich was trying to hide her presence from a 3rd party… the so-called “Demons”. Her attempts were fruitless as one of them sniffed the Claymore out. However, despite her worst fears, it did nothing and quickly lost interest, moving off with the rest of the group.




Back in town,  Helen was fighting for her life since Deneve was downed. She landed some serious hits but Isley kept regenerating himself. Helen felt despair as she realized the vast difference in power.





Just before the final blow could land, Deneve intervened and saved her partner. Wounded badly from the first cut (previous chapter), she was forced to use her youki to heal.



Deneve suggested that she act as the bait, allowing Helen to escape in the chaos. The other Claymore protested strongly.


Neither of them could leave the other behind. Hence, it’s their decision for both to stay and fight with full power, no more suppressants.



Though resigned to their fate, their deaths might not be so assured with the Demons arriving in town.



Wow. I was so far off from my initial speculation of dual-Isleys but the truth is just as outrageous. Demons? They look more like berserker Claymores. Their behavior is far from the usual warriors we’ve seen, much more primitive like an animal. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Organization that created them. After all, they were the ones responsible for both Claymores and Yomas. In need of a way to control both, it wouldn’t be surprising to create hunters that would track down and kill anything with the slightest bit of Youki. However, that thought is derailed by their reaction to Dietrich. It merely sniffed her and left. The Claymore’s words about losing another town is a tad disconcerting since it means that the Demons don’t distinguish normal civilians from superhuman targets, whichever one it may be.

I thought Isley would be a bit stronger than that. Even though he looked overpowered in the fight against Luciela, he seemed overwhelmed by Helen alone. Making things worse, she was also hiding her youki. However, I suppose not all fights would be terribly one-sided. Isley was able to tank them all and keep going. It should be interesting seeing the next chapter. I hope to see his centuar form again.

Strong hints for the Demons to make their move next chapter. I don’t think both Helen and Deneve would die since they’re too important as characters. However, I’m feeling that one of them would be removed when the Demons intervene. After all, Miria needs some way to know of a new factor in the fight.


3 Responses

  1. This manga is too violent, but I liked art and expressions in this chapter :)

  2. Lies! You probably like the extra fanservice in this release :)

  3. What fanservice? Well, the last picture reveals some extra flesh, but I like character’s faces the most. The design reminds me of Abe, Murata, and Urushibara.

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