ef -tale of melodies- : Episode 10 – Part 1


This episode was strangely traumatic, tragic, yet disappointing all at once.


After the bell tolls faded away, silence returned to the near empty church. Yuko was the only occupant there, peacefully knitting a scarf.

While working on it, she heard some footsteps approach. Turning, she saw that it was a little girl but before she could ask for her name, the child ran away.

Meanwhile, Yuu was in school having an art lesson from Nagi. Though admitting his budding skill, there’s a long way to go.
After hearing him complain, she joked about doing nude sketches, to which he refused.
Coming back home, Yuu was greeted by Yuko with dinner already made.
Talking about the food, Yuko revealed that the landlord’s daughters were the ones who delivered the eggs. They happened to be twins named Kei and Chihiro. Just thinking of them made Yuko want to have children, a desire that Yuu quickly put down.
After eating, the two went back to the church. Yuu asked if she was happy. Saying yes, she went beyond that to call him her savior.
After sharing a touching moment, the two were about to leave when they heard something. Checking the front, they found the same girl from before curled up in a small space.
Reaching out, Yuko was surprised to see the small girl flinch away.
Seeing that physical contact was a no-no, Yuko decided to introduce herself instead.
Learning that she was from the orphanage, Yuu was about to call someone when Miki screamed. She didn’t want to go back. A little while later, when Yuu and Yuko were walking back, the two learned about Miki’s tragic past and how her parents’ group suicide made the child lose trust in others.
After hearing about Miki’s past, Yuko firmly believed that God doesn’t exist. If She did, then such painful stories would never be told.
The next day, Yuu was drawing again but Nagi notices something different. Her pupil seemed focused.
Boosted by her words, Yuu wanted to improve even more, his ambition overcoming the embarrassment of doing a nude sketch. Of course, when he asked Nagi to be his model, she refused and provided a mirror. While saying that he could use his own reflection, Nagi sat down, ready to draw.
In the church, Yuko encounters Miki again but before the girl could run off, she stopped her with a request. Yuko claimed to be lonely when Yuu is gone. Even though she called the older girl weak, Miki decided to stay and “help” Yuko with her problem.
While spending time together, Yuko befriended Miki, becoming the child’s first friend. Begging for help, she reached out and took Miki’s hand into her own.
A little while later, Yuu enters the church, finding Miki asleep on Yuko’s lap. The girl suddenly woke up from a scary dream. Holding her hand, Yuko assured her that everything’s alright. Soon, Miki fell back to a peaceful slumber.
Returning home, Yuu and Yuko talked about Christmas and how warm it’ll be in Australia. Thinking about miracles, Yuko wondered if they could experience a summer Christmas. Yuu dismissed that thought, saying that he doesn’t believe in miracles.
With Yuko’s help, Miki eventually overcame her distrust of others. The two girls could be found together, either in the church or wandering in town. In one event, Yuko shared the song that Kuze composed. Making up the lyrics, Yuko and Miki sung a song together on an overlooking hill.


First off, I was goingto do the full episode review but time was an issue so I’m going to break it into halves. Besides, it might be more appropriate considering the event in the latter half…

This episode went back to Yuko’s story, showing how they lived after Akira died. With the ordeal over with, Yuu and Yuko managed to move forward in their lives. Yuu became determined to be an artist while Yuko was freed from abuse. However, even though they found their happiness, Miki’s appearance served as a cold reminder about those darker moments in life.

Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed by Miki’s appearance. True, her past seemed tragic but Miki didn’t seem too traumatized by it. Maybe I’m expecting too much considering the extremely high expectations I have of the series. Then again, at episode 10 of 12, there can only be so much development coming out of a new character. As for Yuu and Yuko, it felt good seeing their days free of drama and suffering. Of the characters shown this season, these two are most deserving of a happy end… and seeing a bit of that is quite fulfilling.

Another thing of notice is a touch on philosophy. ef always had a subtle reference to God with all the church scenes and instances of divine aid. However, I didn’t expect it to confront the existence of God via the “Existence of Evil” dilemma. Coming from Yuko herself, it’s a bit ironic.


2 Responses

  1. Great screenshots! :) It is especially nice that they included some sketches. It seems that this episode was entirely in black and white to reflect the atmosphere.

    Yuko is talking about Just World Fallacy.

    However, this is not the only fallacy she is committing.

    This is her argument:

    ~God -> Bad things
    Bad things
    :. ~God

    Yuko is committing a formal fallacy called Affirming the Consequent. Moreover, the soundness of her premise is questionable.

  2. Well, the Existence of Evil applies more apt to the Western version of God where the definition of such a being is defined by the following…

    1) God is all powerful.
    2) God is all knowing.
    3) God is all loving.

    If God is truly unmatched in power, then evil should be easy to eradicate. In addition, besides having the ability to remove evil, God knows where and when evil will occur since She knows everything. Then comes the concept of “tough love” and how that could be quantified to be good… which conflicts with the all-loving aspect.

    In this case, Yuko was glad that her past is resolved with Yuu’s help. However, knowing about Miki, she wonders if God exists and if She does, why does She permit such tragedies to occur.

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