Happy Holidays!


Tweaked because Ef is that awesome :)

Some -redundant- reminders for this time of year…


1) Spend time with friends and family. No matter how brief, they’ll appreciate it.


2) Stay true to your beliefs but keep other’s in mind.


3) When giving presents to others, don’t forget to give yourself one.



6 Responses

  1. Yomi is so delicious.

  2. I sense bias :3

  3. Too much yuri.

  4. I love those pictures, you rock!
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays buddy. (:

  5. Nice reminders and lovely pictures :)

    Happy Holidays, FVIIKnight :)

  6. @Ryan A
    Indeed sir, she is.

    Yomi > Kagura > Ami > Taiga
    No bias there

    Lies. No enough :(

    You too! Happy Holidays!

    Fufufu. Slowly building up GR-Z pictures and of course, I wish you a wonderfully fun and exciting holiday break!

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