Kannagi – Chapter 14


My Embarrassing Past

“Jin-kun” is just “normal”.

Brief Summary

For those who seen the anime, you should know what they’re talking about… But for those who didn’t…


Yup, Jin’s manhood…


This leads to girls talking about it… ZANGE SURPRISE! No Nagi pantsu in this version… or is there?


Of course, Tsugumi knows everything… Everything.


Everything leads up to a touching Jin x Tsugumi moment…


Only to come crashing down when Tsugumi admitted to be the source of the rumors. Having to choose between Tsugumi or Zange as a girlfriend, I rage at Nagi for ruining the perfect coupling. RAGE!!!


But their brilliant idea didn’t help at all, only serving to make speculations worse. Poor Jin… not.



Really now. Having Tsugumi as a girlfriend for a “punishment”… I would love that.
‘Nough said.



2 Responses

  1. What has been seen…

    I like Tsugumi image where she says Jin is Jin :)

  2. And that’s why Tsugumi > all

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