Komi Naoshi’s One-shots


From the author of Double Arts, his one-shots…



Brief Summary

To combat against discrimination, there’s been a rule to wear personants, physical masks that wind up covering the entire body. The plot centers around one news reporter who searches for the only man in the world who refuses to wear personants… only to discover more about herself and humanity.



An interesting work that deals with personal identity and how society attempts to define it, finding the balance between freedom and equality. Overall, slightly better than your average manga. The development seems too far-fetched but its thought-provoking plot makes up for it. Not bad for a one-shot.

Koi no Kami-sama


Brief Summary

One boy goes against God to be with the girl he loves… Love at first sight against an overprotective diety who curses with misfortune.



Amusing, cute, and funny. Of these two works, this one resembles Double Arts the most. Adding to the charm, the main character shares the same concept of love that I hold dear. “Love is held above all else.” Again, I found this work above average, better than Personant but not by much. The comedy is a tad whimsical but it’s short and sweet. Given its length, this is worth a read…


9 Responses

  1. Did I mention I love you for doing this? BRING BACK DOUBLE ARTS AWIOU;SCV'[OAWS’OBV’XOZLNJVASDUG!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Koi no Kami-sama sounds interesting :)

  3. @omisyth
    Go read them!

    It is interesting and there’s a happy end :)

  4. Have you read APPLE?
    From komi naoshi, a history about a guy who is the key to save erth from crisis. He is the “apple”, and have the ability to turn into any life form and have psychic abilities. However he decides against living in society or helping japanese army to take over the world. the creator of the apple theory goes live with him and he discovrs the meaning of friendship and everything <3 real nice

  5. I really like “Double art” (Kiri is soo cute <3 ) that to bad for Double art because it is no more lengthy. TT_TT

  6. komi naoshi is great!
    i read every single work from him and both, story AND drawings are sooo awesome

  7. I loved Island, his stories are so imaginative and they just have this light hearted feeling in them. I was sooooooo sad when double arts was ended.

  8. Yup. Though DA’s fate’s been long decided, I hope that Komi Naoshi will keep making manga.

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