Finals Week


Just had my first final… followed by my first real job interview…

No pressure… none at all… -_-;


The final was on systems engineering and how to properly manage a project. Simple stuff about the design process, making various block diagrams, acquiring proper requirements, meeting etiquette, etc. Not too much of a concern for the first of a 2-part senior computer engineering course.


The interview wasn’t too stressful, far less technical than what I expected. When applying for a position in the company that’s the country’s “largest provider of IT services, systems integration, and training to the U.S. Government”, I expected a barrage of questions testing my knowledge. Instead, it was more about personal character. I think I did well… but I guess I’ll find out by Wednesday whether or not I’ll be accepted.


But when I came back, Tsugumi pics were there to cheer me up :)


But today is just the start of a torturous week to come. One job interview, four finals, and three projects to complete.


Yea, I’ll be doing this all week…


9 Responses

  1. Good luck on your finals! Let me know what was their decision with the job :)

    I love the third picture from the top because it has a nice warmth that an artist managed to depict :)

  2. And if you do land that job, show your love by buying Tsugumi goods!

  3. Best wishes.

    On the day you land that job, I shall expect a gallery of Fujibayashi twin goodness in celebration.

  4. GOOD LUCK!!! And don’t bash your head on the wall too hard ^_^

  5. @Kitsune
    Will do so… and yea, that’s my favorite too :)

    Already on it ;)

    Actually, I prefer Tomoyo… ;p

    Too late.

  6. How’s your finals? May the force be with you buddy! And I’m waiting to hear good news from you soon. (:

  7. Oo, I really hope you get it! You should just do what the guy in 21 did – tell your life experience and how you illegally obtained money in the casinos in Las Vegas

  8. Good luck sir.
    I’ll come by to visit tonight! =D

  9. @Hynavian
    Sad to say, rejected by said company. Let’s see how my other applications work out… But that being said, found out that I was underbidding myself @_@

    Too lazy to have such a flashy life. I look forward to cubicle days.

    Thanks :D

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