Omamori Himari – Chapter 23


Neko-neko Phantasm

Dear Mom… This is not what you think…

NOTE: Yea, fanservice. Lots of it.

Brief Summary

Rinka’s problems started with Himari showing her affections for Yuuto… publicly… in school.


It snowballed to involve her family when Himari showed up in her natural feline form, dispelling just when her mom came in.



Seeing her love rival’s voluptuous form, Rinko got jealous since she has (much) smaller assets.


In her desperation, Rinko decided to compensate her lack of cleavage with pure love… or just headstrong devotion.


So begins her plan to conquer Yuuto’s heart…



To her surprise, he returned her feelings… and the two went for more.



However, before they could get any farther, two familiar faces appeared. They were Himari and Shuzuku.



Everything that happened was the work of a delusion-inducing demon. The seduction never happened.



And to make things worse, this couldn’t be kept secret… since Yuuto was behind her all along.



I knew this was a fanservice series. I just didn’t know how far the author would take it. Obviously… pretty far. ;)

5 Responses

  1. Some nice art there :) The night pic with glowing eyes is scary…

    I heard some real life stories of parents showing up unexpectedly and witnessing the girls like that ( well, it was more explicit actually :P ) The consequences were not good…

  2. So wait, the mama walked in on that ^___________^ yay

  3. @Kitsune
    Not good for them. Good for us? :D

    Just on the part of naked Himari on Rinko… but that’s fine ;)

  4. aaaaa que doideira

  5. what a weirdo

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