Random Catchup


From Traumeister… lulz

Yea, nothing too substantial here…


Well, at least they gave an explanation…

Suicide Island is by the same author as Holyland, Mori Kouji. While I wasn’t too impressed with the one about boxing, people attempting suicide but finding the resolve to live is an interesting concept. Strong first chapter so I’ll keep up with it.






Kyou no Go no Ni – Episode 9

Having grown accustomed to the different animation (compared to the OVA), the series is looking better. This episode didn’t have as many innuendos but watching kids be kids is worth a chuckle or two. Yelling the typhoons name so that school would be canceled was great, even moreso with the Minami-ke sisters thrown in there.



Tytania – Episode 8

Oh my! A loli princess… being a willing hostage? Fufufufu.





X’amd – Episode 17

Poor Haru T_T … And Kakisu is a bastard who deserves to die… due to reasons other than my own personal jealousy of that refused offer.


4 Responses

  1. Yes, Ajman must be pleased…

    Have to catch up with Xamd…

  2. Advice: Don’t watch Ef right after Xam’d. Too much emotion. T_T

  3. Yay! Finally, I covered all Xam’d episodes up to the latest one (19)! Indeed, it was very emotional and sad :(

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