Claymore – Chapter 86


The Touch’s Sin

Hello there… Haven’t seen you in 20-some chapters…

Brief Summary

After wrapping up the Awakened Being battle, Helen and Deneve once again reminded Dietrich to keep quiet about their appearance. However, the Claymore had no such intentions and vowed not to lie to the Organization.


Though peeved by Dietrich’s loyalty, Deneve chose not to kill her. Sheathing her swords, she left with Helen.



However, during their escape, the two renegade Claymores realized that they were being pursued…



It was none other than Dietrich. She offered a deal. She would join their party, acting as though kidnapped so that her reputation with the Organization is unchanged. However, in return, the No. 8 would act as a guide for the South.



The lands had changed much in the past seven years. Demons and more have invaded the area. For those who lived in the North, it would be completely different.



The trio came across a town. The first thing they noticed was an incredibly strong Yoki, stronger than even Riful’s. That left only one real possibility… Isley.



Deneve and Helen chose to scout the town, leaving Dietrich behind since she couldn’t mask her presence.


Walking the streets, the two quickly encountered the Yoki source.


While passing by them, his aura caused Helen to fall on her knees.



Stopping, Isley asked if Helen needed help. Giving an excuse, Deneve prayed that he didn’t see the tip of her partner’s sword.



However, just hiding their presence wasn’t enough. Isley slashed Deneve, mocking them for hiding their true strength.



At the same time, Dietrich is dealing with another demon at the edge of town.



Well, I kinda forgot about Isley but when reading this, I was like, “It can’t be… Oh hell yes, it is Isley!” Glad to see that he wasn’t forgotten. Actually, that brings up more questions about Priscilla and how Raki managed to leave without trouble.

Overall, the chapter seemed a bit illogical. The seven warriors who survived the North campaign didn’t dare fight Riful when saving Audrey and Rachel (Chapter 68-72). Now, sensing something even more powerful and with only two of them, Deneve and Rachel decided to check out who’s the boss in town. That doesn’t make sense… unless they severely overestimated their own stealth abilities. As for Dietrich, I still don’t see why she would leave the Organization just to follow Helen and Deneve. Is it just out of curiosity? She’ll be a fake prisoner who serves as a guide for the Southern lands, which she knows little of herself… There’s nothing to gain.

As for the “demon” in the last page, I’m torn. Since it’s making Dietrich panic so much despite Isley’s presence just down the hill, it must be something in the Abysmal Ones power level. That leaves very few characters to choose from. It could be Riful or Luciela/Rafaela… but that is highly unlikely. Riful’s too busy trying to awaken the merged duo. If it was the latter, I doubt the author would skip over such an important development. Priscilla is another candidate but since she’s last seen loli-fied, that would imply Raki’s dead. Another important development that would’ve been skipped over. That leaves Alicia and Beth… but since they’re also members of the Organization, why would Dietrich try to hide? Well, there’s one more possibility (outside of a new character)… Looking at the outline shrouded in fog, it seems to be centaur-like and wielding a long lance. There’s only one character that fits that profile.


From Chapter 63

That’s Isley himself. Now, how can there be 2 Isleys? Even though it may seem to be the most unreasonable explanation, it’s the one I’m favoring right now.


2 Responses

  1. Hmm… This manga is not easy for me. On one hand, it is too scary, but on the other – I like the character design :P

  2. Nooooooo!!! Deneve and Helen! What happened to them?
    It’s another cliff hanger, I don’t want both warriors out of the picture so quickly. :(

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