Fujoshi Kanojo


The touching story of romance between a regular guy and a fujoshi. Takako anyone?

Brief Summary

Mutou Taiga never expected to find the “perfect” part-time job. He wanted someplace that was close to campus, something simple that didn’t require skills, and to top it all off, a place with beautiful older women.


Walking past a store looking for helpers, he caught a glimpse of Ameya Yuiko… and that was all it took. Love at first sight.


Though starting out slow, the two got together and went on a date. However, their first meeting wasn’t exactly… normal.



One word… Glasses.



And things went on from there… leading up to a confession…


And finally a kiss…



But Yuiko had one lingering doubt…



Even if he didn’t know what a “fujoshi” is, Taiga didn’t care…



And so, Taiga and Yuiko are officially a couple.


And they are a cute, loving couple indeed.


Of course, hilarity ensues when Taiga deals with Yuiko’s 2D relationship preferences.




Or when Taiga realizes what a “fujoshi” is.



And despite all the research he did on fujoshis, despite how he’s okay with her being one, he wasn’t prepared for Yuika’s request…


And resisting his girlfriend…


It’s just not possible…



With only 3 chapters, I’m already drawn in by its simple plot and unique characters. Admittedly, my experience with fujoshi’s consists of Genshiken‘s Ogiue and Kannagi‘s Takako. Hence, when I first read this, I didn’t know what to expect… but needless to say, I’m glad I started reading this.

Even though I’m liking the manga, I have to acknowledge that there’s not much to it beyond the exotic fujoshi element. The romance is more down-to-earth and the humor plays off of Taiga’s discomfort. However, it’s a nice relaxing series. Just simple romance with an interesting dip into one slice of otaku culture.


5 Responses

  1. I was saving to make a post for this but lol… you are faster than moi!!! I really love this manga ^_^. Taiga and Yuiko are so cute together. I’m really hooked with the story because it’s simplistic yet awesome.

    Go Yuiko!!! Lol she’s another manga heroine I could really relate to XD. Well, we’re both female otakus (otaku but I’m not that hardcore) that seems to have glasses fetish and read yaoi (the only thing is, I don’t have a boyfriend anymore XD T.T). Lol I don’t read yaoi that much… but… yeah… just for fun… lol. Awkward…

  2. This means Takako will end up with too pure pure boy right?

  3. That is a fun manga, and I like the art :) Not sure what Hibitaku is though :P

  4. The ungettable get… or rather, one hard to persuade otherwise… FUJOSHI DA! This looks rather interesting, good art, and cute characters … though, would you put yourself in a similar situation, I would lol.

  5. @kanzeon
    Glad to know that we share similar tastes in manga. But do cheer up! When you find your next prince charming, you could make him write BL novels for you :)

    If that means I’ll get Tsugumi, sure ;)

    Hibitaku is like NaruSasu… Abbreviations for a yaoi couple.

    Same here :D

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