Hakoiri Devil Princess


Honestly, how is figurine collecting the “dark side”? I mean, it’s full of colorful… figurines :)

Brief Summary + Impressions

Let me summarize this in the shortest way possible,

Hakoiri Devil Princess <= Lilim Kiss + Recipe Book

Basically, Keita opens up an ancient relic box only to find devil girl Maki. She would grant 3 wishes, anything that he might desire, but after granting the last one, she would consume his soul. As usual, there’s plenty of fanservice with Maki playing with her dark heritage.


I would like to see this textbook and… continue distribution of it.

Anyways, after reading three chapters, I’m starting to dislike it just because it seems to be an inferior replica of Lilim Kiss. Keita is the typical wimpy, useless, clueless guy. It’s the complete opposite of the delinquent yet honorable Takaya. Maki isn’t as cute as Lilim but worst of all, the humor is a stretch. I know it’s trying to be funny… but it just can’t get a reaction for me.

Overall, below average marks across the board since there’s nothing outstanding about it. If you haven’t read Lilim Kiss, it might be more enjoyable but still… not enough to be suggested.


2 Responses

  1. Devil girl…

    So… he wished to liberate her of her duties and they lived together happily ever after?

  2. More like… if he wishes 3x, she kills him and she lives happily ever alone.

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